Sources say ———->>> FantaSia wants her married boyfriend –>>> Antwaun COOk to step  up & BE A MAN! And, help take Care Of their Seed!

From ———->>> The National Enquirer

“American Idol” sensation Fantasia Barrino is thrilled with the recent birth of her baby Dallas Xavier, but friends say she’s now facing a painful dilemma.

The 27-year-old singer needs to work to support herchildren but hates the prospect of being separated from her precious new son.

Fantasia, who’s also mom to a 10-year-old daughter, delivered her son on Dec. 13, two weeks ahead of her due date.

The dad is her boyfriend Antwaun Cook, who is stilled married to his estranged wife Paula, say insiders.

“Fantasia has a lot of people to support,” explained a source close to the Season 3 winner of the popular FOX program.

“A few years ago, she dug herself into a deep financial hole that took her a long time to get out of. She’s still financing an expensive lifestyle and touring constantly to pay for it.

“She needs to work – but her baby needs her too!”

Meantime, Fantasia and Antwaun are not living together, say sources.

“What Fantasia really hopes is that he will step up now, marry her and help with the care of their family,” a friend noted.

“She’s tired of carrying the whole load by herself!”


3 responses »

  1. K'Lon Lamar says:

    I wish people would stop saying that Antwan is still Married the man has left his wife he is a single man damn

  2. Debra says:

    Fantasia has only herself and her children to support ,everybody else needs to get a job . I’m sick of her family being parasites . Poor girl.

  3. Chynazpassionz says:

    Is she serious if he left his wife n kids for her what would make her think she special what comes around goes around good for her ass


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