BOxing Legend——–>> Mike Tyson wantS FULL custody of his Son, Miguel. He’S preparing his self, for a Nasty battle in COurt with his ex girlfriend, Sol Xochitl <<—-wat the

Back in October Mike filed for joint physical custody of Miguel and asked the judge to lower his child support payments from $3,000 a month to no more than $970.00 a month after he got tired of flying Miguel [plus a chaperone] to and from Vegas from Phoenix every weekend.

But according to the National Enquirer, Sol is not going down without a fight. They say Sol is telling her friends that Mike is an unfit parent and that he already has too much visitation and that she has video of Mike smoking weed in front of Miguel and that she’s ready to use the video in court if she has too.

Mike and Sol had one other child, a 4-year-old girl name Exodus, who died after getting tangled on a treadmill cord.

If YOu Ask me, they BOth seem UN-FIT!



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