Aye Remember, LaS Week, i told you all — Jill SCott & Anita Baker AlmOst got it in @ the Divas’ Celebrate Soul on —>>>VH-1 —>>>  HEREWell, Anita TWEETED what went DOwn. SO here –>> 

TOO be HOnest with YOu. Im Over this STORY & BOth of these MeatballS! there’S 3 SideS, to every Story! i hear, Jill ScOtt is a BitCh. But, back in the day, ANITA YOu had your taleS, As well! If YOu ask me, Anita should of asked MARY, we all know, MISS MARY LOves her some ANITA!


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  1. T says:

    from someone who was at the event and can type decently:

    Never had a problem with Anita Baker in 20 years of working with her. Jill Scott is responsible for this situation, missing many recitals at the divas event, including the rehearsals that Ms. Baker asked for. She was shitty to the staff and acted like she was on the set of a Bad Tyler Perry movie the whole time she was there. It was a mess and she basically chased Anita away, leaving the whole staff angry at Jill for being so tacky. As for the Mary J. Blige set up, they wanted to do it that way but they couldnt repeat what happened at the BET awards, so they put her with Jill Scott at the last minute.

    I also heard something about Jill telling Ms. Baker “Im not doing all that hollering at the end of Sweet Love. You do that.” That might have been breaking point for Ms. Baker.

    So it looks like what Anita was dealing with was true. Jill Scott is a bitch.


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