POwer 105 –>> Late NiGht Queen –>>> CHERRY MARTINEZ tweeted tO Rival StatiOn  –>> HOT 97 yesterday — R.I.P, LOL!  Well, I mean with the Current SUCCESS & RATINGS ———>>> POwer 105 is now receiving, due to –>> THE BREAKFAST Club AKA Charlamagne Da GOd & hiS 2 ShadOws! It’S Only Right, CHERRY tweetS R.I.P to HOT 97, Hmmmm… I Wonder, what ANGIE MARTINEZ thinkS? AlSO, i heard, Cherry did SOmething, very GRIMEY to a CLUB PROMOTER. But, I’M GOing tO LEAVE THAT AlOne! Anyway, NYC.. WhiCh DO YOU PREFER POWER 105 OR HOT 97 ——–>>

6 responses »

  1. EanLanar says:

    They both play the same music but I think 105s rotation and schedule is better.

  2. Ralphy J. says:

    LoveChild, email Bimbo and have him put her on blast, you know nobody’s exempt or safe from him haha

  3. Ralphy J. says:

    Hot 97 is kinda wack now, without Miss Jones..they went downhill after that…haven’t listened to them in eons

  4. ayo says:

    lovechild that was mean alot of them celebrities take the money and ms. winehouse i have to go with power hot 97 play to much rap

  5. LoveChild M'bengue says:

    She’s fuckin foul one day my bro had a bday party and she came took his money n left through the back door she a back door ho


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