We TrannieS, get the BEST LOOking DudeS! And, Noooo that WaSn’t the ReasOn, i decided to Turn Over! Well, Maybe 1 of the REASONS. BiMbo Ugly Ass, WaSnt getting NOthing! I mean, i was. Oh hell, read about it in my autobiography! But, LOOk what we have here……… LOOk at that Nigga, that Ugly ASS TRANNEY has in her hands & Mind YOu……… imz a Pretty BitCh! SO, YOu all can just imagine, the Niggaz, DEE IZ GETTING! If i COUlndt beat the Trannies, Why NOt JOin them & i LOve it, Owww!


BitCh pass him here………… MY TURN!

19 responses »

  1. Chocolatemop says:


  2. Playboy says:

    lmao At da Tranny. Why don’t yall just let the true comes out that yall Buying these gay dudes dicks.. Unlike Bimbo we love the free dick.. Anyone can Buy a Dick., Not everyone get it for free. Plus you had to probally trick wit all them old ass white men to come up wit iz Salary ..

  3. FREAKAZOID says:

    i’d suck his dick eat her pussy and suck them big titties i’m a proud bi

  4. Anonymous says:

    aight you had your turn now its mine…..

  5. Chris says:

    Oh hush Bimbo you’re fine as fuck.

  6. **spits out water** **Big hentai cartoon eyes** #Stuttering

  7. **spits out water** **Big hentai cartoon eyes** #Studdering

  8. **pits out water** **Big hentai cartoon eyes** #Studdering

  9. martel203 says:

    That looks like a real tidday! Is the girl in this pic really a tranny?

  10. Dhartz says:

    Kaikai kan m wanem yah

  11. Dhartz says:

    kaikai kan m wanem yah..!!

  12. cole22 says:

    bimbo I know him hes on adultspace . trying to get me to porn video lame

  13. tertra114 says:

    Bimz, honey, i know you said it’s only 1 of the reasons, but i don’t think its healthy to want to become a tranny so you can get niggas, seriously, your very open about your dislike for your looks (very hard on yourself for no reason) but putting on a wig and make-up, and fucking confused men probably won’t help your esteem in the long run, but girl i ain’t preachin to ya, just givin my 2 ccents, all in love tho BITCH lol

  14. Jack Skeleton says:

    Bimbo all you care about is a big dick(no shade) this nigga looks special (thumbs down) lol

  15. dl nigga says:

    im a dl nigga i only fuck with t.s i wouldnt fuck bimbo before i would fuck that bitch now

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think you look better as a boy. That drag thing doesn’t work for you, IMO. But I love you either way boo. Wonka Wonka Oww meatball!

  17. tee tee says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  18. Eddie says:

    I think his peen swallowed up his balls. LMAO


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