Aisha Sanders, 24, admitted beating to death 86-year-old Mary Muha – blaming the murder on heraddiction to crack cocaine, say police. ——->>

The pensioner was found dead by her grandson on Tuesday at her home in Washington Township, a Dayton suburb of Ohio. Police believe she was killed three days earlier.

The suspect was asleep when officers picked her up in her grandmother’s car which had run out of gasoline on Interstate 70.

Sheriff Phil Plummer revealed that the victim was hit over the head a number of times with a yet-to-be-named object.

He added: ‘She [Sanders] admitted she has a crack problem. She’s been on the run living that lifestyle since the homicide. She just ran out of money and ran out of gas.

‘The  victim worked all of her life and she gets killed by her granddaughter, whose life is taken over by crack.’

Sanders had been living off and on at her grandmother’s house and had ‘pretty much drained all the finances,’ said Sheriff Plummer.

He believed Sanders went into a rage and beat her grandmother because there was no money for drugs.

A Montgomery County grand jury in Dayton indicted her on one count of aggravated murder with priorcalculation and design and one count of aggravated murder during the commission of an aggravated robbery,

Sanders also was indicted on two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of tampering with evidence.

She was kept in custody after bail was set at $1 million and will appear in court next week.

She’S GOING TO COmmit Suicide! HOw FuCking SAD MAN… SMh!!!!!!!


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