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  1. Arin says:

    pshhhhhh……I want both lol

  2. will says:

    dude 1

  3. I love light skin men, but the darker one, looks wilder, and sexier. So #1

  4. EanLanar says:

    Dude one, hes sexy i don’t like braids that much

  5. **Russian accent** Brrrring numba 1 tu me. He strong like ox!

  6. RONAN says:


  7. dlqueen says:

    Imma take #1.. he has a nice ass body and darker men are jus my tea..

  8. Jack Skeleton says:

    The body on #2 is looking right but them dusty ass deangelo braids is killing me ..#1

  9. i’d date/fuck #2 but wuld love to come home to number 1 everyday cuz i loves me sum chocolate


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