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  1. Damariz says:

    Lil’ Wayne a role model! Are you serious? He smkeos marijuana, was arrested like three times, shot people, used to be in a gang, sings songs about being high, sings songs while high, encourages drug use, is serving a prison sentence, curses nonstop in his songs, I can go all day. Michael, created many charities, donated over 90 million dollars to over 40 charities, tried to help everyone, was against alcohol and drug use, sang songs appropriate for children, encouraged charity work, changed the lives of millions- if not billions- used his real voice while singing (not that stupid voice changer Lil’ Wayne uses), made sure the first four rows were reserved for underprivileged children at everyone of his concerts, donated at least more than half of the money he made from his tours to charity, and died for his fans. Yeah, Lil’ Wayne is MUCH better than Michael (sarcasm). @ Stranger in Souther Illinois, that was the best answer here, that deserves to be a best answer. If this goes into voting, I am definitely voting for your answer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    heyyyyy bimbo its about time lol this is the guy who always harass u in secrets 2 update ya site lol


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