YOu all know, I really DO not Listen to Radio Anymore, SinCe Wendy Williams Retired frOm radio! But, anyway I woke up @ 7:45am this morning –>> Only to catch the Ending of the Interview W/ –>>> Kim & Charlamagne GOing at it..“2 BIG MOUTH CANCERS” Anywho, from the Picture above you can tell there was ALOT OF tension in the Studio. And, it doesn’t help that NiCki Minaj & Charlamagne are BEST-friends! Anywho, I will be speaking about this Very entertaining Interview, the Breakfast Club had with Lil Kim! And, we must big up kim, all the Shit, the Breakfast Club had to say about her in the past, the Fact that She even went up there, WOnka, wonka oww! CheCk Out, the Interview NOw & COMMENT———–>>>


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  1. cat says:

    Hey bimbo iam a lil kim fan nd I felt like kim held her own kim is from the streets! Nd that fact that Charlamagne felt that he had to take shots at kim becuz him nd nicki have good friendship is wack! Nd I applaud kim for being the brooklyn queen she is!! I did how ever follow wat she was saying about playtime is over from #teamkim & it does kinda shows that shots were fired at kim! Idk bimbo I agree with yu this beef should be over with. Cuz I’m kinda getting sick of it myself!!!


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