WOrd has it –>>> Keyshia COle Husband –>>> Booby Gibson waS jealOus of Keyshia & her FOrmer Manager –>> Manny’s close relationship and insisted she get rid of him. Since, then Keyshia COle Career has never been the same! Sidebar, KeyShia COle is headed back to REALITY TV! Hmmmm? DO wE CARE TO SEE, kEYSHIA BaCk on TV WithOut, her Crazy MOmma? YOu say WAT? –>>

2 responses »

  1. She_Goldie1 says:

    Dnt nobody wanna see Tht heffa back on tv w/o the drama !!!! She’s Booriinnggg just like her career 😦

  2. angela says:

    Not really,,she ghetto,and thats what we wanna see. She will try to act unghetto,and that doesn’t work for her…


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