LaSt Night –>> Trina Braxton of –>> “Bfv” performed at Club QueSt here in NYC, brought to you By ->> EVENT BRICE! And, you all know, I DO NOT Watch TV, i have never watched BFV, so i really didnt know, what to expect! But, TRINA was sooooo DOWN TO EARTH & Sweet WOman, she is! I do understand, TAMAR is the Messy 1 thO! Trina gave a Great PerformanCe & her Breath Smelled fine! Becuz Baby, some of these Celebrities BREATH B.. well you kn0w! Anywho, (Above) she’s Photo’d with STEVIE J. (INSIDE JOKE).. No, cutey pie –>> Damien Crawford & yours truly.. YOu Say Wat?? –>> 

2 responses »

  1. biggest fan says:

    wow bimbo i used to think you was ugly as a drag you look so good here and better than trina and hes a cutey


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