Really  –>> Viv was the  –>>>> PlastiC Surgery really Needed?? I know, when Sheree said, “FIX YA FACE” she wasn’t talking to you BOO! Smh, but, hey if it makes you Happy, I Guess! ——->>> YOu SAy Wat? –>>

5 responses »

  1. frenchi says:

    she look like a black joan rivers

  2. Raymond Sosa says:

    Wait, was this just a bad photo or is this how she really looks now… Cuz if this is how she really looks then SHAME ON HER!!!!

  3. Myss Bee says:

    Haha! @Shanta: def a naturally gorgeous woman… cant help but notice that her whole face is lopp sided (right eye limp, left cheek bigger and higher, left bottom lip is weird… ugh! Viv??)… and the cheek down on both sides looks awful… and the worst part is theres no turning back… smdh

  4. Shanta says:

    Hell no, she looks horrible now! She was soo damn pretty naturally….I can’t even look at her now! She looks like a drag….lol!

  5. Myss Bee says:

    I really wonder if these celebs regret their surgeries when they see themselves in pictures… let alone the mirror… i love viv but had no idea she has changed her face even more… IMO “no GO” on the after…


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