i Guess —>>>> TOday is the day to reveal –>>  NEW ALBUM COVERS!  ———>>> NiCki Minaj Tweeted her  –>>>“Pink Friday – Roman Reloaded: The Re Up” album cover. The cover is a Shot from her ——->>>“I Am Your Leader” video in which she raves that the facial expression is reflective of the new additions to the album. The Re-Release of her sophomore album is scheduled to be released on November 19th —–>> SAME DAY As –>> RI-RI & KEyshia! I Guess ->> NiCki Minaj decided to JOin the NOV. 19 FIGHT!  And -> with all the DRAMA Surrounding -> NiCki Minaj & Mariah Carey –>> this will be a GOod time for Nicki to drop an album! NiCki also, said.. She’s going back to her, MIXTAPE DAys. i Guess, that explains, that picture with CASSIE and NiCki Minaj, eating her Cuchie! Back then, NiCki was gay or whatever BI… SMH…  YOur ThOughts on the album Cover, hell your ThOughts on NICKI Continuing to Push this –>> PINK FRIDAy on us?? YOu SAy Wat? –>>>


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  1. Ramhari says:

    celebrity,telling them they would be more marketable or have cvssoorer appeal,if they were to fix this/that.While I could care less about who is real or who is fake,at the end of the day all I care about is great music.We will all have to agree to disagree on who is our favorite,I personally wish every female rapper would stop the hate between each other and take it to the studio and create something worth listening to.I’m sick of all the crappy stuff that is passed of as hip hop.Hip hop used to be a huge majority of the money in the music industry and now it looks as if it is a dying form.Country music is outselling any other form of music right now(check charts/facts).Rappers are not even given budgets, record deals,they are getting monies to create one hot single,that is why,most(not all) rappers are broke.Look at the Country music celebrities,homes,ranches,farms,and cars.Country stars ball bigger than rappers now!So support whomever you want,just support,if not,soon there won’t even be any female hip hop stars to debate about,The Grammys removed their Best Hip Hop female catagory,check the facts,because there were so few to choose from!

  2. MakedaB says:

    I’m soooooooo over Nicki ass it’s Not even funny. After that’s done she pulled not attending Summer Jam I’m done with her ass I’m not supporting her after that I was done and even more so I’m done with the fact she said she was gonna vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t care about her ass anymore. She Doesn’t value her fans at all And she think she’s better than everybody. I was a true supporter supported every album and i went to a few of her concerts and always went to summer jam when I knew she was going to be there. She lost one true supporter And I’m sure I am not the last.


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