—> Rihanna tweeted the cover of her upcoming studio album early this morning. The album is Called –>> Unapologetic, and features a naked Rihanna covered with graffiti! And, I L0ve it! The album is Scheduled to be release -> N0v. 19! And, with all the Current Drama surrounding Rihanna, this will be a Good time to drop an album! Keyshia cole, is Scheduled to release her New -> WOMEN 2 WOMEN album, as well that day! Hmmmm…  & I’M HOPING –>> Keyshia Cole, willl Sell More units! She is Delievering –>> REAL & BETTER MUSIC –>> Than some Rihanna.. Sorry, I’ve just never been a Fan 0f Rihanna Music! I’m sure, it will sell Heavy th0….. Anywho ->> What do you think 0f the Rihanna’S Album Cover –> Um, 

4 responses »

  1. Charliz wayne says:

    Its de best av eva seen….wow

  2. TopGaySlut says:

    Keysha can always surprise with sales but I hope Rihanna can FINALLY debut at #1. Her music is EVERYTHING! Her voice is not all that but every song is a hit and catchy as hell!!

  3. MakedaB says:

    Love Rihanna album cover! I’m a Keisha fan too but Ri Ri can get it in the worst way lmao!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thats muh favorite two girls but of course Rihanna gone outsale Keyshia….. I lovers dha cover btw


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