A MUST HEAR EMAIL —>>> A woman Baby Daddy always rushes to the Bathroom RIGHT after sex.………. Keyshia Cole New Video “Trust & Believe” ……. Singer Usher Jumps the Line at the Election Poll…….Lil Momma looks good at the Soul Train awards…… & More —>>> Bimbo’s Question of the Day –>> Do you Agree with TLC’S –>> T-BOZ Comments on NiCki Minaj?? –>>>

5 responses »

  1. Hchicha says:

    Wazzup Fella, What you ˙came up with here absolutely have me eiextcd up to the last sentence, and I must say to you I rarely read the entire post of blogs as I generally got bored and tired of the gibberish that is presented in the junkyard of the world wide web on a daily basis and then I just end up checking out the headlines and maybe the first lines etc. But your tag-line and the first few rows were exceptional and it immediately got me hooked. So, I just wanna say: nice and rare job! Thanks, really.

  2. gemini_status says:

    loving trust n believe by the way

  3. gemini_status says:

    nobody is checkin for lil mama n that email is crazy he has another chick or man on hte fuckin side to make sure his dick is clean for the next bitch/nigga

  4. FIYA FOXX says:

    LOVIN it!


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