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  2. Leora says:

    The steps with the short step height and deep step
    depth are constructed for short little legs and are
    probably best for your cat. For this reason, we put the termite bait stations about every 10 feet around
    the entire structure. It provides aerobic exercise and
    is a form of physical therapy.

  3. Nancy says:


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  6. Joe bowyze says:

    I like this website

  7. Patal says:

    Let me talk wit beyoncy

  8. Cymone says:

    U no wat. Bimbo I have to agree I love U TO DEATH but your ass be flagging with putting up post. I still fucks with you because I love ur online personality, but u better start doing better with ur post and being consistent. For I kick ur ass!!!!! WONKA WONKA WONKA OWWW. U HAVE FANS WHO RELY ON YOU FOR THEIR DAILY CUP OF TEA AND THEIR KEEKEES. FUNKY DINEVA IS KILLING U.

  9. Bimbo I Slove u wonka wonka eeeeeooww but ur ass ain’t do 5 videos a week like u said #ResolutionFAiL!!

  10. cymone says:

    i agree with you 100% on this Bimbo. We all make adult decisions when we decide not to have safe sex, so you have to deal with the consequences of your actions like an adult. I believe that the man should go to jail for some time for knowingly transmitting the disease and they should have commercials on TV warning people about him and others like him if they break the law or some time of infomercial on these motherfuckers so people can know what is going on. you are right people don’t want to say they got the monster and are mad they got that shit. and they need to be registered as dangerous sex offenders and made to attend programs and groups that help them deal with the disease and try to live the right way instead of trying to kill the world. on the other hand i feel just like you with this as far as the women. in this day in age you have to lay in the bed you made. i try to have safe sex as much as possible, but if the person i am sleeping with raw gives me something i would be mad and hate him and i would tell everyone i could that he gave it to me, but in the end it was a decision that i made. Lucky thing i have been safe so far.

  11. William says:

    Fuck me sweet ah……


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