You Know, I wondered for years, if Porn Star Brian Pumper was Gay! But, I didnt say Nothing! Cuz, I get tired of Folks, saying Gay Men want all men to be Gay! Anywho, I was Chatting with my Friend, Former Porn Star InDia! And, I asked her, If Brian Pumper was Gay! And, she confirmed with me, Yes indeed he is! And, for all of you, who say I make up these stories, Here’s Proof:

@SEXYINDIA Ok I got it.. Do you think Brian Pumper is BiSexual or do you know?

@BIMBOWINEHOUSE of course his ass is gay…….he did a gay film …lmao did you get my dm10:46 PM Jun 9th from web in reply to BIMBOWINEHOUSE

There are more Messages! Anywho, she’s going to get the Gay Porn to me. Once, she does, I will get it up! Anywho, Check out Brian Pumper in this Picture, Getting his assed Lickd..Hmm, that should of been a sign right there!



Guess Who Else, Likes his ass Lickd:




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  1. leroy bates says:

    Hi brian. How or you doing

  2. KEITH says:


  3. King Seid says:

    He does porn for money with that said he’ll do anything for money … Bros GAY….. Just seen a pornhub video and the fag was on sum gay shit !!!! It’s on right now ….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this dude gay as they come him & Mr. Marcus…. Pics don’t lie & there on-line…

  5. Kiki says:

    If you ask me. All pornstars gay. Any man who does “orgy porn”, with another man is gay. You have look at his dick and go in the same hole raw as the guy in the orgy film just did. That’s cross contamination! Also, most people filming these pornstars are MEN and they gay for directing and filming another man. Also, for “straight men” who watch pornos with a guy and a girl is gay too. Because at least more than half of a “straight porno” the girl is suckin on a guys dick. You have to watch another guys dick for 20mins. you outta be curious or DL. to bust after that shit. Im just sayin… If you straight and watch porn and claim your not gay you’d be on that girl on girl type shit.

  6. hj says:

    he’s not gay that’s a fucking lie stop hating broke nigga

  7. K. young says:

    I would love to see it.

  8. Good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site.
    Keep writing!

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. @blzdkng says:

    fags are the worst…if he gay pull him…you bad right? quit trying to destroy other peoples lives because yours is fucked up…..stop fucking lying on people…tell india to get her money up

  11. Las Vegas Pimpin says:

    I know for a fact that Maxx Black has done gay activities. I have a close ts friend that lives on the west coast that sucked him up and he knew she was a ts because she informed him and yet he still pursued her.

  12. Andr says:

    I’m a street nigga. I always. Knowed that. Bitch ass. Nigga wash again some news. 4ya. All cam us again 2

  13. Anonymous says:

    I know he is gay also…he had sex with two fem-queens I know…I was there when he approached them on Christopher Street like 10 years ago…no lie

  14. KARLIE FOFOY says:


  15. Kiara says:


  16. dasha love says:

    I think Jermy steele is a gay one too! I scene some of his scenes and that butthole has been pentetrated! damn!

  17. Teetoo says:

    I messed up on my other post.. But many of these ‘str8’ male porn stars I been watchin since their early days when their buttholes was tight.. As time went on, their holes ended open, open like holes that are visited by DICK..
    What many of y’all might not realize, is that majority of the entire porn industry is ran/owned by rich closeted (and openly) gay/bisexual men.. I’m guessin that many of these ‘str8’ porn actors are secretly bein offered big bucks OFF camera by these owners and their affilliates to suck, fuck, and GET fucked..
    Remember this: money talks, and most ppl have a price, even many of those who claim that they dont/wont.. Just think about this: I feel like this-no TRUE str8 man wants to participate in ANY sexual acts of ANY kind that involves another male, but thats just MY opinion, and Im predominantly gay, lol..
    SO, what TRUELY str8 male is gonna take part in DOUBLE PENETRATIONS, GANGBANGS, GANGBANG-CREAMPIE, and CUCKOLD sex scenes? But yo, these are many of the sex scenes that many of these ‘str8’ male porn stars get paid to take part in.. See what I mean? Another example of MONEY TALKS…
    As for the list of ‘str8’ male porn actors with open buttholes:
    Brian Pumper, Jake Steed, Cj Wright, Byron Long, Mr. Marcus, Mark Anthony, and many others.. And for proof, just look at their buttholes from their earlier days, and then look at them now..

  18. Teetoo says:

    I wanna talk about how some ‘str8’ male porn stars have open buttholes.. That shit turn me on like a muhfucka boi!!!!!!!
    I’ve been watchin the buttholes of many ‘str8′ male porn actors since their early days when their buttholes was tight.. And as time went on, I noticed that some of ’em end up open,
    open as if DICK be up in there..
    What y’all gotta remember is this: most of the porn companies (industry) is owned/ran by alot of closet gay/bisexual wealthy men..

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. I think u a mature adult do what u
    Wanna do no matter what nobody
    Say or think about u that goes 4 any
    Body as a adult.

  21. Ian Knight says:

    Actually, it’s just as risky to catch AID/HIV in str8 porn as it is in gay porn, fuck the rules, do you really think rules matter in an industry of sleaze, money, drugs, and power? Half of the biggest companies shit all over any rules they MUST follow. Yes they have protocols they are SUPPOSED to follow, but sometimes, they fabricate data and screw over stars, usually young female stars. Read any autobiography of a porn star, they wont describe a business where they were treated fairly and safely, i’ll tell ya that. So it stands to reason that if u a dumb young guy, you can be taken advantage of just as easily. What I worry about is the popularity of bareback porn, which director Chi Chi LaRue predicted was going to happen in the years to come, and has suddenly taken off unexpectedly.

    but women still fuck gay porn stars that cross over, Maxx Diesel aka Christian is constantly in videos with women and men, he loves it all and always will. The women that fuck him dont look put off in the slightest, cuz they know it’s normal for pornstars to do what their job is…FUCK.

  22. I Love Byron Long I Want Him As A Husband Him & J. Strokes But Has J. Strokes Done Any Gay Porn Or Messed Wit Guys Off Cam I Also Wanna No about Jon Q. ,Cuntre Pipes ,Tone Capone & Domeniko Anybody Wit Info Just Comment

  23. Well I Love Me Sum Byron Long I Want To Make Him My Husband He Can Lay Some Pipe I Like Brian Pumper Also Wesley Pipes & Other Performers You Guys Have Named Even Castro Supreme Does Both Straight & Gay Porn But Can Some One Tell Me If Jon Q. & J.Strokes Have Done Any Gay Porn Or Messed With Guys I Also Would Like To Know If Mr.Marcus Maxx Black & Lexington Steele Has Done Anything Gay On Or Off Cam Besides Getting Their Ass Licked & Double Vaginal Penetration

  24. Anonymous says:

    What an great weblog!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Alright everyone, if you have proof post it somewhere…otherwise it’s just a imaginary dick battle. \

  26. Tyrese says:

    You all have very interesting comments. However, it’s clear to me that you guys are not in the know, so I will attempt to bring you in. There are MANY male porn stars who do gay porn these days. There was a time they would do work on the low, but now performing gay acts is more acceptable. The website http://www.cumeatingcuckolds.com pays BIG dollars to get big name black straight male porn stars to do the unthinkable on cam. Lucky Starr got paid a few thousand to let a white guy give him a blow job in front of the camera. Wesly Pipes has done so much off camera with guys that the mere mention of his name causes me to forget about the others, who fail in comparison. As far as Brian Pumper, he has in fact done many bisexual and gay things off cam. However, so has many big name stars. Justin Slayer fucked a few guys and let a few lick his ass when he first started as well. In fact, Justin Slayer got paid $1,500 once when he first started to let an old white guy cum on his ass. Back when Slayer first started EVERYONE wanted to get at his ass. In fact, when he reached a certain point in his career he ordered cameramen to not get backshots of him because it was a “destraction” to the scene. And CJ Wright is another one that DEFINITELY does gay work on the side. This is obvious by the acceptance of the invite to strip for the ALL MALE audience at the gay black BLATINO awards last year. CJ WRIGHT also has a baseball size ass hole. Which indicates to me that he’s fucking with his male co-stars more than the females after hours!

  27. Hammered says:

    Here is a question to PornIndustryWorker…if being in gay porn usually get a worker barred from working in str8 porn, what’s the deal with Peter North aka “Matt Ramsey”. “Matt” was a notorious bottom in the mid 80s!!! I never liked him…he looked too…fruitty to me.

  28. Zen says:

    As far as I am concern nearly all male performers in porn have done gay, bi or shemale porn when starting in the ‘biz’ whether or not their that way or not.

  29. PornIndustryWorker says:

    Also, this is why MOST of the time, males who previously participated in gay porn, like to conceal this fact or keep it a secret, because once word gets out, they KNOW they pretty much will never get any work, because no female talent will never work with them (yes, female talent have a say in who they work with, same way males have a say in which female talent they work with, especially if they had a bad experience w that individual or know such info like if a guy participated in gay or bisexual porn), knowing they’ve done gay porn. They are not willing to put themselves at an even higher risk. Working in the sex industry is already risky in itself, but there are certain things that can make it even riskier. Most girls are not willing to take the risk. Also, most gay porn crossovers do not use the same stage name in gay porn as the do in straight porn. Example, Byron Long was known as Byron Monroe in gay porn, he did 2 movies. BP probably used a diff stagename in gay porn. I have seen pics of him in stuff.

  30. PornIndustryWorker says:

    There is a reason this [Brian Pumper supposedly doing gay flick(s)] is a problem. First off, men doing gay porn and trying to cross over to straight poses an EXTREMELY high risk.

    In straight porn, EVERYONE is required to be tested every 30 days via AIM (Adult Industry Medical, no longer in operation) or TTS (Talent Testing Service). Everyone MUST have a test, and is required to show it BEFORE walking on a set. In gay porn, being tested is NOT mandatory. This means ANYONE can walk onto a gay set and fuck, regardless if they are or are not tested. Yes, this means on gay sets you can be fucking an HIV+ partner and not even know it. Str8 porn workers have a problem w this bcuz it poses more of a risk. In straight porn, any scene which requires interaction w another individual requires a test. This is also true w girl/girl work, since a lot of those girls do boy/girl work as well. (most chicks in girl/girl porn are straight (some bi too), but do it for fun).

    THIS is why crossing over is a HUGE problem.

  31. Ian Knight says:

    it doesn’t matter if hes gay or bi, there’s only one thing about Brian Pumper that you need to know, and if ur a fan of him, you already know…

    that nigga is a freak, he is a damn freak of the week, all year.

    I remember when a female porn star was talking about him, and told of the time he made her let him wipe her ass after she’d taken a shit, he kept the shitty towel paper.

    than nigga is a damn freak, anything attached to a hole is probably not safe

  32. streetsince says:

    What doesnt that all all porn stars are either gay or lesbian? U have to be cause it comes with the sex industry from prostitution to porn. Theyre in it for the money and who in that industry turn it down? They all got noticed somewhere and it wasnt wallstreet so it mustve been walkin the streets.

  33. panamapreston@aol.com says:

    To ms, basil….. It’s a home video that i recorded in my house. I set it up while he was in my shower. this is when he was living with grand ma and walking around with his dvd’s on the ave. So ms. honey don’t hate get paid

  34. JUN says:


  35. Lewciphr says:

    All I’m sayin is I wanna see it. I’ll pay to see it & I thought that was the point. So how do I find it?

  36. basil says:

    so slm post your proof.or put your money where your mouth is, or take your head out of your ass.

  37. basil says:

    this does not prove anything.if anything it proves that he is a lesbian lol.where is this tranny proof? and if b is gay why is it anyone else business. show me some concrete proof of him fufing a guy or getting fufed by a guy or kissing some guy. people need to get a life of their own stop worring about what the next man does or does not.

  38. P Star Steve says:

    All ya’ll got it twisted on here. The reason why women in porn make so much money is because they go both ways. The rule applies to men as well. SO think about it for a second. Brian Bumper has alot of extra cash flow from porn and the obvious is given when he gets his ass licked by broads. Theire are contracts that you sign when you do gay porn so your identity won’t be revealed. Believe or not, they can control what gets leaked or not. And especially when something gets out there how fast they’ll take it down. For example, when a video is posted on youtube that breaches copyright laws, its taken down right away by the people that monitor youtube. They already know what to look out for likewise with the porn site monitors. That’s what they get paid to do.

  39. jason says:

    I am a little older and not really into the new kids on the block. Who are the two guys at the top of this page–“guess who else likes his ass licked..”

  40. jason says:

    India has most definitely done lesbian flicks. Why aren’t we discussing her? Oh, I 4got. We live in a double standard America. Two females licking each other is just freaky-they are pleasing their man. Two men doing that is gay and a no-no.

  41. jason says:

    If he’s gay, so what!? Byron Long began by doing gay flicks to break into the industry. He has not done any gay flicks since. Tossing salad and sucking dick began as a gay act, and the heterosexual community embraced those acts. If a woman sucking a straight man’s dick is not considered gay, then a woman licking a straight man’s asshole is not gay; both acts were originally gay acts. Byron, Brian, and Sean Michaels have all had their assholes licked by WOMEN. These people are actors/entertainers; they give the audience what they want.

  42. slm productions says:

    i have proof contacxt me

  43. big homie stan says:


  44. I wanna suck his dick says:

    I want to use my strap on him. Come ere boy!

  45. i have proof says:

    oh i have proof with a tape this is when he was wearing those pimp suits and he was walking around with a portable showing people he got his suits on jamaica ave in queens

  46. i have proof says:

    i have proof i’m trying to get paid. So if any body can get to rick ross. We never did a tape but there’s real proof and i’m charging .when brian and i finished he showered cleaned between his toes with my towel and they i drove him home to the island and drop him at his grand mother’s house. But there’s more Call the press! I’m talking for the highest $$$$$$

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  48. any nigga that like to get his ass tickled by a tongue is GAY or BI move on NEXT!!! *waves hand*

  49. Anonymous says:

    Brian pumper got some good ass

  50. lololo says:

    omg wow

  51. Anonymous says:

    hot bb hot

  52. jj says:

    i diddn’t think dat Brian Pumper was gay. But he is nice lookin. but i still dont think he’s gay

  53. Anonymous says:

    That dude is not gay. It would have been all over the place already. I think people just want him to be gay like themselves and also people like to get shit started.

  54. Anonymous says:

    NEVER Brian P. alone

  55. Anonymous says:

    no it really is infact lloyd banks in the actual gay porn video maino talks about .
    thats why its so hard to find

    brian pumper has never done any gay flicks
    he is a porn star
    if he was a gay porn star the vid would be everywhere by now
    but u wont find it cause there never was

  56. hollywood says:

    Brian is gay you can find him out on Santa Monica picking up trannies in his jeep or chys 300. I have seen him picking up trannies as i got my taco’s at del taco (know hollywood tranny spot)

  57. M says:

    did u find out what video it is? or how he’s gettin down?

  58. knowitall says:

    that was not brian pumper or llyod banks in the gay video. It was a gay porn star by the name Ty Lattimore. he’s very popular in gay porn.

  59. CAP says:

    The pornstar Byron Long did gay porn also

  60. bunny says:

    remember when they thought Llyod Banks was caught on video doing a guy? Well it wasn’t Lloyd it was this guy Brian Pumper. I watched it honey he was n them bunz.


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