Raven Samone Coming Out PARTY!!!!!!

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Bow Wow & Tyra Banks SEX TAPE……. Plus, Let ya Kids watch Gay Couples 0n Tv!

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Chris Brown ->> C0me Over to MY PLACE!

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Beyonce is JESUS… Fan Catches Holy Ghost… When did you lose your Virginity?

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Bimbo’S BaCk –>> Big Girls Wear What the Fuck you want & The Birthday Show!

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Is Kim Kardashian faking her pregnancy?…… Plus, HE’S 16 & HE’S FUCKING HIS DOWN LOW BROTHER!


Chad Ochocinco Sex Tape Leaked/ Chris Brown Plans to Commit Suicide!

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“New Y0rk” -> TIFFANY POllard LIVE 2nite @ SECRETS f0r Brice “21st” Birthday BaSh!

486378_666552731838_2017900625_nYa Remember —>>>> LaSt Year When New YOrk & i  —>>>> Chatted AND “THE DISH”, I got from her! –>>> CLICK LINK ->>  http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/52959/tiffany-new-york-pollard-is-dishing-the-dirt-she-talks-about-flav-s-d-ck-size-and-one-of-the-men-begged-her-to-use-a-strap-on.html

Let SEE, What Happens 2nite.. LOL!

Bimbo’S Battle 0f the DAy —–>> Keyshia Cole VS. Tamar Braxton!!!!!!


Since you all say —>>>>  both of these Tracks Sound the same, WhiCh they do…  We’re Battling People! Which track, sounds better than the Other! My Vote Goes to TAMAR! She DID THAT! Which do you CHOOSE???

Alright N0w!


madea-with-gunjpg-79d119015f06a451_largeOk…IMMa Need for you “Old Hoes” to RELAX!