FrOm THE “Ny POst”–>> Page 6 ——–>>> After a judge threw out charges against Foxy Brown for allegedly dropping her drawers and mooning her neighbor, the rapper’s lawyer says he’s planning on filing a “$100 million” lawsuit against the city. Salvatore Strazzullo told us he’ll also file a claim against “the ADA’s office” for “malicious” treatment of his client. He said prosecutors should never have gone after Brown. “With school budgets cut, they had the audacity” to file charges, Strazzullo said. “Do we want our tax dollars going for this?” A rep for the city’s Corporation Counsel said they “have not seen any legal papers.” Another legal eagle pointed out that assistant district attorneys have “absolute immunity” from being personally prosecuted, and the city would likely move for immediate dismissal ———>>> GET THEM COINZ GWARL, LMAO! ———–>>>


3 responses »

  1. AppleBottom says:

    Get that money, so u can fix ur wig, gurl!!

  2. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Am I the only person that thinks that Foxy Brown gets into legal trouble on purpose just to keep herself relavent?? Get it together Foxy

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    Why do i feel like Foxy is trying to figure out ways too continue getting money although her rap career is over? reminds me of the behavior Naomi Campbell was doing. causing mischief and behaving as if she has no class. Trying to understand why Foxy is doing things that arent in her catergory. She is too talented and smart.


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