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  1. Anonymous says:

    shutupbimbo ,com

  2. CANDYAZZ says:


  3. David inusa malgwi says:

    These a whole new idea i luv site it’s mind blowing n cool.

  4. usmano07 says:

    i want to be your friend bimbo

  5. I to make friend with bimbo.

  6. Charles Badmus says:


  7. quamaine says:

    hey bimbo…omg do u still have that video of us when we was by escos and that homeless man was asking for change… omg i cnt find it….. this is Quamaine Realness…

  8. Debra says:


  9. Melita says:

    Hi 🙂

    Im from Australia, yeahh all the way down underr. 😥 and I came across one of your youtube castings by mistake when you did a review on Mariah Carey’s obsessed music video clip. 🙂 Ever since then my friend, work colleagues, and my young adults gay/straight and bisexual community safe house have been touched and empowered by your confidence, your free mind, and over all your re ensurance that it is ok to be who you are and be proud. you’ve help so many kids Ive resuced from the streets thinking that being gay or lesbian was a disease or something to be ashamed of.
    I will be sending you an email to your address. God bless. wonka wonka owwwww. 🙂

  10. PartyStarter says:

    You are to funny this shit has me all night…my first time on your blog…go off bitch

  11. Antuan says:


  12. Hey Sweetie (Bimbo),

    I have nothing but mad respect and love for you! I shouted you out in my video blog on my site http://www.supreme-fabulosity.com. I interview celebrities, and run an entertainment column as well. I have always wanted to reach out to you, so now I am. Thanks for helping to pave the way for individuals like me. I admire and respect your craft. Keep smiling one in your heart, and one on your face. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! XOXOXOXOXO

  13. nesha boo says:

    I want to see some more dick

  14. Anonymous says:

    Love you Bimbo. You are one fierce bitch. Keep up the good work.

  15. raymont says:


    this is the link to chris Brown dick print pics


  16. LolalollipopchachaMonroe says:

    Child Boo you are so messy and I love it Only thing that need to be clean is your ass

    Love you Bimbo oxox

  17. phils says:

    i want to talk to beyonce flirty talk

  18. NUNU says:

    Hello World Im NuNu, DO YOU HAVE TO STAY ON POINT ALWAYS? Glueless Quickweave $55 Quick weave $25-UP,Invisible Part $45-up, Glueless Invisible Part $65, SewIn,$65-UP, Lashes and Eyebrow Arch $5-Up, Makeup $7, Airbrush Mu. $15-up. INBOX ME FOR AN APPOINTMENT..Kids hairs due $10-UP

  19. MercedesDelano says:

    Bimbo I love you honey you are so damn entertaining. Keep doing what you do gwarl
    Wonka wonka owwww!!!!!

  20. ikea says:


  21. Susie Robin Thick says:

    whats ur facebook??

  22. Anonymous says:

    what is ur facebook??

  23. mizzomg says:

    i just got turn on 2 u n im turned out!! but u really need 2 talk back 2 ur fanz once in a while!!

  24. quamaine says:

    love u

  25. Elementary says:

    Hunnay take ur tym 2 updgte dis shit n plz drop some nasty picz 4 m n mi 4rnd.love ya!

  26. Hanah says:

    Honey I would like to take time out to let you know you are FABULOUS!! I tracked you down on Facebook and sent you a request after seeing one of your Youtube posts. You make my day over and over again. I am truely a fan of yours!! You will not catch many Queens like you up North and it takes courage. Honey you are amazing and keep on saying what you think!!!!!! Put everybody on blast and if they don’t like it FUCKKKKK EM!!!!


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